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"I was feeling frustrated and vulnerable because I could not get my newborn son to breastfeed.  Sarah immediately put me at ease as she gently helped my son and I learn natural breastfeeding techniques. Her professionalism and compassion helped me to establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with my son."
Lisa MacDonald

"Eight days in with my first child, I was in agony every time my baby latched on. I desperately called Sarah one evening and, within an hour, we were sitting in her living room feeling better already. She easily corrected my bad latch and, over the months to follow, gave me nothing but good, solid information and encouragement when obstacles arose. Sarah is totally approachable, superbly professional and patiently attentive."
Ruth Benny

"Sarah is a very wise and patient woman. She has helped me, Liam and Naimah so much - we really want to thank her. I find the things Sarah says so inspirational that they stick in my head for months afterwards. For example,  There are going to be times when you think, 'There’s got to be more to life than just breastfeeding.' And, of course, there is… But not for the next month. Those words proved a huge help in the first few weeks after Naimah was born."
Madeleine Fitzpatrick

"For the first two months my son needed my breast very frequently (varies from 30mins - 1.5 hr) and had long nursing sessions (30 - 60 mins) and would not sleep longer than 45 minutes. I was completely exhausted and desperate. My husband and I looked for help everywhere - government clinics, hotlines, website resources etc. We were frustrated and worried and lost. We finally got in touch with Sarah and she showed me the single most important survival skills that I ever needed - the lying down position, and explained in simple languages what a good latch on means. I still remember that day vividly - the reassurance and the relief I got - I was soooo happy!"
Miranda Yip

Motherfeeding newborn baby

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