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Lactation visits are recommended when:

There are latch-on and positioning difficulties

Baby is refusing to take the breast
If the baby is not latching, do not force the baby to take your breast; struggling at the breast may reinforce the baby's refusal to breastfeed. Keep your baby skin-to-skin between your breasts as much as possible. If baby doesn't begin to latch on, pump your breast every three hours, feed the pumped milk to the baby and get help as soon as possible

Newborn lost more than 10% of his birth weight and does not begin to gain adequately (25 g per day) after the mother's milk comes in

Baby resists latching and is fussy, distressed, or seems uncomfortable at the breast

Baby is not passing meconium, or doesn't stool after the meconium is passed

Baby has low output of wet and dirty nappies
Expected output:
Day 1 - 3:         
at least two stools and two to three wets.
Day 3 - 5:         at least three stools and three to five wets;
Day 5 or older:  at least three to four stools and six to eight wets per day
Day 7 or older:  stool not black in colour but changing to mustard yellow

Over 4-6 weeks of age:   six or more heavy wets per day (might stool frequently each day or might stool once every few days an exceptional large amount of stool)

Stool size is of a five dollar coin or more.

Mother has sore nipples

Mother doesn't feel her mature milk has come in by Day 5 postpartum

Mother is feeding a premature baby discharged from the NICU

Mother is breastfeeding an infant born between 35-37 weeks gestation with breastfeeding issues

Mother is breastfeeding twins with difficulties

Mother has had previous breast reduction surgery

Mother and bay skin-to-skin


Lotus Lactation provides:

Home visits

Private consultations at the Mid-levels office

Private breastfeeding education classes

Contact us for information, appointments and prices.

Photo taken by Brian Jala from JustSmileAboutIt.com

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